Mens Pajama's (PJ's Only)

Waist and Leg Inseam Measurements

This size chart is intended for reference only.

General SizeChest Measurement
(in inches)
Waist Measurement
(in inches)
Small 34 - 36 26 - 31
Medium 38 - 40 32 - 35
Large 42 - 44 36 - 39
X Large 46 - 48 40 - 45
XX Large 50 - 52 46 - 52

The measurement shown are of the garment itself. Measure around your waistline (top of hips), where trousers sit, keeping the tape comfortably loose.

Measure pants that fit you will. Lay them flat and measure from the crotch to the bottom of the leg hem. If you don't have suitable pants, measure from your crotch to your desired pant leg length.

If your inseam of your legs is less than 28" then your pillow size is 20"
If your inseam of our legs is more than 29" then your pillow size is 23"

How to Measure Your Pants Size

How to Measure Your Pant Size

The WAIST is measured on the upper edge of the waist from left to right.

To meaure the LEG LENGTH, the measuring tape is placed on the inner seam of the pants leg: from the groin to the bottom

PJ Leggings

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Made from a polyester and spandex blend, our unique design is lightweight and created for comfort. The moisture wicking material is ideal for temperature control, and the soft, comfortable feel is relaxing.

The most remarkable feature of our PJ Leggings is that they are specially designed to help keep our signature pillow in place throughout the night. Your pillow will stay between your legs where it can offer the necessary support to prevent lower back, hip, and leg pain.

The PJs are crafted with comfort in mind, allowing you the freedom to shift as desired without fear of losing your pillow or covers while you sleep.

Caring for the PJ Leggings is simple. They are machine washable in cold water and can be tumble dried on the low setting. (For best results, do not use bleach or fabric softener.)