• Can I walk around or go to the bathroom in the Pajamas or Pj Sleeve?

    The products were designed with that in mind. Yes, you can easily walk around and get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom without being confined. Some people even lay on the couch at night in complete comfort.

  • How do I know what size pillow I should order?

    If your inseam of your leg is less than 29 inches we suggest the 20" pillows.

    If your inseam of your leg is higher than 29 inches we suggest the 23" pillow.

    The Pillow should go from your ankle to 2" to 4" above your knee.

    For Men
    For Men

    For Women
    For Women

    Unisex Sleeve Chart
    Unisex Sleeve Chart

  • How hard is it to blow up and empty the Vacation Air Pillow? And what is it made of?

    It's rather simple. Normally 4 to 6 breathes and the pillow is full. You can adjust the air pillow to a firm feel (more air in the pillow) or a softer feel by letting some air out of the pillow. To empty the pillow, there is a small button in the center of the valve. Just depress the button and roll the pillow up. The air should be released in seconds.

    The vacation pillow is made from 80% polyester and 20%TPU plastics.

  • What are the Pajama Legging and Pj Sleeve made of?

    The product is made of Polyester and Spandex. They are designed to be moist wicking and soft comfortable feel.

  • Why is there a seam down the middle of the Pillows?

    This patent pending design is for cradling your legs comfortably through the night.

  • Can I wash these products?

    Washing instructions for the Products are as follows:

    Pajama, Pj Sleeve, and Poly Pillow:

    Machine wash on low temp preferably cool water. Tumble dry low heat. Do NOT use bleach or fabric softener.

    Vacation Air Pillow:

    Wash with mild detergent and air dry.

  • Is your product designed to cure my back, hip, leg cramps or spine?

    NO! It is designed to relieve the stress on your back, hips, legs and spine. Putting you in the proper body alignment for the most comfortable nights sleep.

  • How long does the product take to work?

    We suggest you use the product for one week to get used to it. You may see immediate results within the first night of use, but most people tell us that within the first week, they noticed significant improvements.

  • What is the Poly Pillow made of?

    The pillow sleeve is made from 233TC cotton and is stuff with 3d Poly fiber.

  • Will my medical insurance cover the costs of these products?

    Unfortunately, the insurance companies will not pay for this.

  • Is there a money back guarantee?

    If the product is returned within 30 days, we will refund you the full amount of the purchase price.

  • Do you have a sizing chart to determine my size?

    For Men
    For Men

    For Women
    For Women

    Unisex Sleeve Chart
    Unisex Sleeve Chart